4 Head-Turning DIY Looks for Spring, Summer & Fall

4 Head-Turning DIY Looks for Spring, Summer & Fall

There is nothing wrong with wanting to stand out from the crowd. Everyone enjoys a bit of attention on their personal style sometimes. The warmer seasons are a great time to display your look, without layers of coats hiding it. Instead of going out and spending a fortune on a whole new wardrobe, why not take matters into your own hands to create your own unique style?

1. Make your own jewelry: If you haven’t perused the aisles of your nearest craft store, you truly don’t know what you’ve been missing. Making jewelry from materials of your choice can be less expensive than buying something from the mall. Plus, it’s exciting to put your creativity to use. Spend time investigating all of your options because they are endless! The craft store has every single thing you need to make your own earrings, bracelets and necklaces. And don’t forget to go down the ribbon aisle; it will truly inspire you. There are so many beautiful and delicate ribbons at your disposal. This light and airy fabric can breathe life into your spring and summer accessories. Simply tie some ribbon around a few bracelets or onto a necklace to give them a unique, fun and beautiful look.

2. Create a Custom T-shirt: When you need to keep it casual while attending outdoor events for the season, make a fresh new t-shirt that will stand-out. You can take an old shirt or buy a light, plain t-shirt in the style you like and get ready to make it different. Buy a tie-dye kit and unleash your inner creativity. Go for unique colors and choose two or three that reflect the vibrant feel of the warm season. Play around with the colors you’ve picked and see how they look together. The whole design is up to you. One thing that’s sure is that it will look colorful and eye-catching.

3. Add Flair with a Head Scarf: A head scarf is a versatile piece, adding a little extra to any style. This simple accessory is one that many rarely take advantage of, and it takes minimal effort to create. Finding the right fabric is the majority of the job. Choose a beautifully patterned, light material for the season and be sure to get it long enough so you can tie it around your head. Because it is such a simple piece, allow yourself to have a variety to choose from. When you wear your headscarf, don’t add too many other accessories because this is a statement piece and you don’t want to detract from it.

4. Construct Beautiful Luggage: Whether you’re going to the beach or flying across the country, travel gear that stands out is an affordable way to stand out.  For carry-on luggage or bags that need to be casually carried to the beach or picnic, you can easily construct a spring and summer-ready one yourself. Simply buy a plain duffle bag or over-sized bag and transform it into beautiful luggage. This can be accomplished by creating a name tag using fabric markers or buying bright appliqués to sew on to your bag. If the bag really needs to be transformed you can dye it (with bright, bold colors) and transform the handle by wrapping beautiful ribbon or material around it.

There are so many simple options for creating a fresh, unique look for the upcoming seasons, so get creative!

Image via Pixabay

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